About Us

Q degrees is a leader of persistence in quality and a master of precision in executions. The Q Factor of Q degrees is an initiator of qualitative thought processes in the ever-growing area of AUDITING. Q degrees is a supportive hand which you can confidently take hold of to explore the new routes taking you towards a better tomorrow.

Maintenance of trust within the organization and watering it for a healthy financial system is the soul of our audit services. With the fast-evolving corporate environment, our services assure proper compliance with broader perspectives of audit support.
Being a prominent Audit provider, Q degree holds a wide specialization in process compliance and quality assurance for big and established corporate firms. Q degrees possess a steady presence across India and continuously strives to sustain this by speaking expertise through its unmatched services. Q degrees has a dense area of operations which are:

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The predefined targets of Q degrees assist the 3 powerful pillars- people, process and productivity to stand high and contribute in forging ahead its operational effectiveness.

Growing towards an eternal end of accomplishment and get going calls for an undisputed operational efficiency. An understanding of how we could turn our processes into highly dominating phenomena of a rich productivity assists us in the nourishment of these 3 Ps timely and exclusively. The 3 inspiring words – People, Process and Productivity are the real source of our determination.


People – a power which is invincibly defined to a greater extent is where we collect our endeavors to rise above. The first and foremost element of our instant approach to quality is People. People as we know are the integral part of any organization and our business owes a lot to the people it work with as well as to the people it work for. The right people make us bright and thus we offer services that are fully dependent on the efforts of our personnel, their ethics and their values. We make sure that our team delivers satisfaction in the form of quality outputs to our clients.


Success on a large scale depends on the organization’s Process and is crucial at large as well as small scale operations. Each project we undertake, we execute it with a pre-defined laid down process. A process audit that focuses on the actual company process and efficiently takes over all the other essential processes prove to be a successful instrument in measuring the health of the company.


Productivity is where we accept our morality and consciousness as a great factor of our honest efforts. Efficient people and Effective process both leads to Productivity and this is what we work for. Productivity in other words is a fearless commitment to supremacy. And we at Q degrees solely work on the principle of gaining virtue with a smart use of technological advancements.